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From Tina

My medium is fine porcelain china and vintage silverware. workshop.jpg

The creation of my jewelry begins with selecting unique, and unusual designs drawn from some of the finest china and silver patterns. I evaluate each pattern, then roughly cut at precise points so each finished piece will reflect the hidden art of the china pattern. Porcelain cabochons are cut to various sizes using diamond band saws and drills. Diamond grinders and polishers bevel and finish the raw edges before they are framed in silver or gold findings. 

Some of these single layer china cameos are paired with the previously cut and polished silver components, according to how they compliment each other. The results of my work create a beautiful, finished, and sometimes, one of a kind cabochon used in the creation of necklaces, anklets, brooches, and bracelets.

My creations offer a very special way to preserve the beauty, heritage, and memories, we attach to fine china and silver patterns. Clients have a unique opportunity to commission my work using their family china or bridal china patterns.  -Tina Goolsby